Area rugs

Usually, we're able to clean your area rugs right on site. We believe on-site cleaning for your rugs is often all you need. With on-site cleaning, you avoid the expense, inconvenience, and risk of damage that comes with transporting and handling these heavy, delicate items. Every area rug cleaning begins with a thorough vacuuming, and ends with careful grooming for a soft, meticulous finish. Fringes are hand-cleaned and bleached if necessary. We have lots of experience with difficult weaves and challenging fibers. We know how to clean axminsters, wiltons, sisal, silk, wool, and every other type of construction.

If needed, we're happy to take your rug to our warehouse for extra cleaning attention, blocking, storage, or repair.

Additionally, our Carpet-Shield and acid dye blockers are lifesavers on wool carpeting, which can be VERY susceptible to acid dye staining. Ask us about protecting your investments with a cost-effective, all-inclusive cleaning/protection/no-charge service warranty on your valuable rugs!

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