Broadloom carpeting

We clean every type of pile, weave, and fiber. Different carpets can require different temperatures, detergents, and additives for correct cleaning and optimal results. Our technicians have the training, patience, and expertise to proceed carefully and correctly with your carpet cleaning, so you get the best results possible. Fiber-Shield® protectors are fully compatible with mill-applied protectors, and will further enhance your carpet's stain resistance and durability.

Unlike most other cleaning companies, we apply acid dye blockers in addition to our Fiber-Shield protectors. Acid dye blockers are like a clear dye that attach to carpet fibers. When other acids attempt to attach to and stain those fibers, the acid dye blockers prevent them from attaching, making that red punch spill an easy cleanup instead of a catastrophe! All of our protectors come with a free service warranty. Free lifetime service is available as well. Ask us about it!

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