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As a design professional, you need to rely on the people you recommend to your clients. Anyone you send into your client’s home or office needs to be 100% exceptional. We get that!

FiberCare has worked for some of the most exclusive and particular design professionals in the New England region for almost 30 years. Our sister company, MWI Fiber-Shield Distributors of Boston, maintains an office on the fifth floor of the Boston Design Center. We know the importance you place on client relationships, and we’re there to make you look your best in the eyes of your clients whenever you bring us on site.

Whether it’s a touch-up on the sofa smudged in transit, or protection of a house full of new wool carpeting, or cleaning/freshening/protection of installed rugs, window treatments, carpets, furniture, or you-name-it… we’re here to serve you and your clients in a sensitive, professional, and timely fashion.

Occasionally, you may have questions about how a particular fabric or carpet will stand up under use and cleaning. Please call us and we’ll be happy to offer you the benefit of our experience and expertise. Ask us about the rewards and incentives available to design professionals who recommend our services.

Designer feedback

I wholeheartedly endorse the Fiber-Shield® product and the service rendered by your company.  With confidence in your product, and trust in your follow-up service, I recently agreed to decorate an all white formal living room on the condition that all fabric and carpet surfaces be treated with Fiber-Shield®, comfortable in the knowledge that it would all stand up to the normal use by a family of four and their guests.

Thank you for your part in my particular success story and for offering me a product that I can readily recommend to my clients.

H Delegianis

Following some very revealing first-hand experiences, I am inspired to write to thank you.  After all our efforts to provide good design for our clients' homes and offices, and their substantial investment in the very special product which brings it to life, nothing could possibly be more dreaded than an accidental spill - or a better value than the protection you offer against it.

During an informal celebration in her home, a client and I were both momentarily stunned when, in the blink of an eye; or more accurately, a flick of the wrist - her too-enthusiastic gesture sent an open, nearly full bottle of red wine flying across the table.  And to our horror, splashed Burgundy all over the brand new pale sage green carpet and chairs. I am certain, since she had just recently mailed me the final payment, their considerable cost flashed immediately across my client's mind.  It surely did mine, I admit.  But as soon as I recovered my composure, I reached for the paper towels and began to blot.  With no damage whatsoever, she is just ecstatic I had recommended you!

And, remember my client with the four active boys, cat, dog, and two lizards?  They now have a turtle too.  And nothing has proved too much for Fiber-Shield®.  From tinkle to traffic areas, Fiber-Shield® treatment has already saved one brand new sofa, six dining room chair cushions, and who-knows-how-many yards of carpet.  After two hard-working years, everything still looks perfectly brand new!  And that makes us all look good.

Thus assured, the design of their proposed Master "hideaway suite" even calls for white wool carpet.  How I appreciate the freedom to design a truly light-hearted space without worry.

The design industry and our clients are exeedingly fortunate to have you, your extraordinary attitudes, your excellent support and service, your product, and your professionalism.

No one in our industry could ever ask more from a resource.  Keep up the great work!

B Lienhard

I want to thank you and your employees for a job well done at Beverly Farms.  The report on your technician was glowing.  "Everything looks great!  The Fiber-Shield®man was here until 6:00 PM to finish our job.  He really worked hard."  That is music to my ears, of course.  I appreciate the opportunity to work with Industry partners of ASID who pride themselves in the way they deliver services to my clients.  You make great team members.

L Bonneville

I have highly recommended you.  I hope I'm able to send you many customers!  Keep up the great work!!

B Herman

MANY, MANY THANKS! For coming through for us, by promptly taking care of the recent situation. Your quick response was very much appreciated! I am in discussion with the client in regards to having the rest of their rugs protected. Again, thanks and have a great day.

E Casey

A belated but most appreciative thank you for making my living room carpet look like NEW!  It was especially important for the photographs which were taken that week. You should see your "hand-work" in the October issue of House Beautiful!  Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness.

W Hodgins

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the nice job you did on cleaning my carpets.  They have never looked better.

I also appreciate the care you took to see that my wood floors were protected, and that everything was put back in its proper place.  You'll be happy to know that contrary to my concerns, I had absolutely no problem with any latent "brown-out" of my white carpets.  Thanks again for your quality workmanship.  I will certainly be happy to recommend you to my clients.

S Ritchie

I've always been a firm believer in positive thinking but I must admit, I was a little shook up last week.  Some newly upholstered cushions arrived from the furniture manufacturer soiled with grease, which was the result of careless handling by the shippers.

We contacted your company immediately to help us with our problem.  You were so accommodating in fitting us into your busy schedule, and after some pre-testing of the fabric, your fiber specialists were able to produce a 100% perfect result.

Thank you so much Michelle for your professional approach in tackling this problem and going all out to achieve a positive solution!  I look forward to working with you on future projects.

D N Hamilburg

I just wanted to take a moment to express how pleased I was with the way you handled my client.  You went beyond what you were required or expected to do.

By working with people like you, it makes me look terrific!  Thank you again for showing such consideration to my clients and for the job that you did with their carpeting.

C Chernack

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for saving us from what could have been a difficult situation.  The rug we had on loan in our foyer was stained during an ASID event in our showroom with what appeared to be coffee.  With the great care you afford every job we have given you, the rug was tested for colorfastness.  Indeed, it was not colorfast which caused me a great deal of concern.  Your positive, reassuring attitude gave me confidence.  To my great relief, the stain came out and the rug looks fabulous once again.

In addition, I have always appreciated the special attention you provide, as well as your warm and caring approach.  Your spirit and your service are invaluable assets to our design community.  Thank you ever so much for all your assistance over the years.

S Barone

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