Fiber-Shield® Facts

Fiber-Shield® is an advanced stage polymeric treatment that protects fabrics and carpeting from water-based and oil-based staining. It also resists abrasion from dry soil particulates.

Fiber-Shield® is not a surface coating. Each fiber is impregnated with millions of polymeric "umbrellas" that surround each fiber in a protective barrier. This protection does not readily break down with use or with cleaning, thus giving an extremely long-lasting protective affinity to the fiber structure. Fiber-Shield® becomes an inherent part of the fibers, and its protection is uniform throughout each fiber. Fiber-Shield® does not change the breathability of the fiber, nor does it affect color, texture, or flammability.

Fiber-Shield® Check List:

  • Repels liquids (including alcohol)
  • Repels soil (reduces static charge)
  • Repels oils (skin and hair oils that bind soil to fabric)
  • Extremely abrasion resistant - reduces wear and tear
  • Blocks ultraviolet rays that fade textiles
  • Drastically improves cleanability
  • Extends the time between cleanings

Fiber-Shield® provides stronger resistance against soil, oil and spills than any other protector available.  Maintenance with Fiber-Shield® is a practical, cost-effective approach to getting the most out of any furnishing investment.


Wool carpet treated with Carpet-Shield protector.
Beaded liquids are soy sauce, coffee, and red wine.

Absorbent tissue is laid over the area displayed in the photo above...

...and this is the same area after blotting!

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