Our Furry Friends

We love our pets! But sometimes our furry friends do what they do where we wish they wouldn’t. At FiberCare, we’re accustomed to the challenges that go along with having a pet in the family. We have the expertise to deal properly and safely with the odors and messes that are bound to happen sometimes.

Sometimes, a pet accident is a simple fix, but often, particularly with urine, the challenge is a little more difficult, and patience and persistence is required. Whatever the situation, rest assured that we’re a phone call away, and we know what to do!

Remember: the key to success is dealing with the mess immediately and with the proper cleaners and methods. Often, if we’re not able to remedy a stain, it’s because of the homeowner’s too-aggressive attempt at removal.
Don’t forget: when you protect your carpets and furnishings with Fiber-Shield, these messes become a lot more manageable.

DIY tip: If you have a pet, and an accident happens, here’s a solution you can make for immediate and safe spot removal: Mix warm water 50/50 with white vinegar. The vinegar is for acidity, which is necessary to avoid damaging your carpet fibers. Add a tiny amount of non-bleach laundry detergent (we don’t want suds!). Blot up what you can of the original mess, then saturate with the cleaning solution. You may agitate a bit with your fingers (you probably want to wear gloves for this part! ). Blot and repeat, but do not scrub! If there’s still a problem, give us a call and we will either guide you over the phone or arrange for a service visit.

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