Commercial Pricing

When we come out to your facility for a preliminary visit, we will measure and assess your carpet in order to determine what type of cleaning method will be most effective - and most cost-effective - for you. We can also inspect your chairs, waiting area furnishings, fabric partitions, etc.

We’re happy to provide a free sample cleaning of your worst chair, your worst spill, or your worst area of carpeting, so you can see our results before you make any commitment. There’s absolutely no obligation for this service, or for our free estimate.

Then we’ll tailor a cleaning care program that's just right for you. There are many variables that can affect how low the price can go; square footage, frequency of cleaning, method of cleaning, accessibility to the cleaning areas, amount of furniture to be moved, etc.

Finally, we will make recommendations as to whether and where it might be appropriate to treat certain items with our patented protectors. FiberCare cleaning and protection is a proven cost-effective approach to getting the maximum service and enjoyment out of your facility’s furnishings.

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