I've been told that my wool carpet has natural soil and stain resistance, so why should I have it protected?

 Photo of a wool fiber. The scales you see are the outer layer, called the "cuticle", or the "epidermis".

While your wool does have built-in resistance to soil and staining, there are compelling reasons to protect it. We'll offer just four reasons why you should have all of your wool carpeting and area rugs protected with Carpet-Shield:

  1. A wool fiber is comprised of three layers, with the outer layer providing the natural protection due primarily to its lanolin content. That's what gives wool its soft, luxurious "hand". That outer layer can be damaged or removed with too high a temperature and/or too-aggressive detergents. Since your wool needs to be kept clean, and must be cleaned gently, doesn't it make sense to protect it?
  2. Wool has excellent soil-hiding properties - it can hold a lot of soil before appearing to need cleaning. Of course, by then, the grit is wearing away at your carpet fibers. Again, wouldn't it make sense to apply a protector that will assist in your vacuuming efficiency, and minimize damage from soil abrasion?
  3. Wool has a high affinity for acids. That's the reason it takes acid dyes so well, and can be tinted in such a rich, subtle color palette. For the same reason, your wool has a high susceptibility to acid stains, such as urine, coffee, vomit, etc. A wool rug's lanolin content and stain resistance can vary greatly, and you may find out too late that it did not have the natural resistance needed to handle that spill. In this case, an ounce of prevention can buy some peace of mind!
  4. Wool is beautiful, and it's expensive. With proper care and maintenance, a high quality wool floor-covering can last a lifetime. Isn't it wise to make a small investment in order to preserve a substantial one?

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