Dave, you are truly a miracle worker. You came to me highly recommended so I did have high expectations.  However, you exceeded even those.

The stain you were able to remove from our upstairs carpet had been there over 4 years.  I had hired three separate companies to get the stain out during that time period but none were successful.  I was sure that the only way to get rid of the stain would be to get rid of the carpet.  Then you came.

Your service is truly exceptional and I will recommend you to all my friends and neighbors.  Thank you again!

L Ryan

Dave, your services in our home have been greatly appreciated. We first had our carpets cleaned, and you did an excellent job. Just one week later, our son was sick and vomited on the carpet. You were great when I called and said you would come THAT day to take care of the mess. You came that morning, and the spot is gone for good! The area of carpet would probably have been permanently stained if you hadn't come so quickly to treat it. Your service really exceeded my expectations. I had you back to clean and protect my couches and chairs, and they look like new! Thanks for doing a fantastic job, and we'll call again for sure!

T Curving

Dave - outstanding work! I am recommending you to everyone I know!

J McDonough

David - Thank you so much for your prompt, excellent work. You really helped out in a pinch!

T Beliveau

I am always impressed with the quality and care that you and your technicians offer me, the client.  Last week, the job exceeded all expectations.  Dave Wassenar faced a challenge of cleaning a rust stained beige carpet or having me throw it out and buy new carpeting.  I am pleased to say that not only did he save the rug and remove every last trace of stain, but he did it effortlessly and with great care.

This is really worth a mention to you as I rarely believe in miracles, but this job was a miracle.

I am so glad to do business with you and your firm and will continue as always to praise your firm to all who ask for referrals.

L Tarsy

My Monday morning started off by me spilling a 16 oz cup of coffee all over me and my car. You guys were so accomodating to have one of your technicians clean and deodorize my car the next day.

I want to thank you for once again making our lives little mishaps less painful. It is great to have you guys to depend on. Thanks.

R Bagshaw

Rarely do I have an opportunity to salute a service company that responds quickly and knows what he is doing!

You are worthy of that praise.  Thank you for your excellent job in stain removing of my prize wool family room rug.  I will recommend you to all my friends.

J H Berman

A note of thanks for the beautiful job you did on the rugs in the apartment and most of all the spot dye job on my living room rug.  You are just amazing!  Thank you!

P Stucznski

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your services. Your technician was at my home last month to do an extensive cleaning and re-treating of carpets and furniture. He was thorough and did an outstanding job. Everything looks new! He should be commended on such a fine job.

Thank you.

S Offit

Mark and I are so pleased with the job you did on our living room furniture!  Your effort really shows! Thanks for coming on such short notice too!  We appreciate that.  The house is is beginning to look more like home - thanks again!

M J Plantinga

Thank you for coming personally to see the problem with my silk rug.  After it first returned from cleaning I thought it would never be the same.  Although you assured me it could be rectified, I was afraid that any more cleaning would make matters worse. I'm happy to say that after Dave came to my apartment with his steamer and fine brush that the carpet is looking better than I could have imagined.  He has restored its original color and definition.  Now that I know that it can be cleaned with no danger to its original presentation, I will be returning it to you yearly with the knowledge that it will be treated with professional care and pride.  Thank you again.

D Hagler

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for getting Dave in to clean my upstairs carpet.  Dave is very professional and does a fabulous job.  I never worry when I hire your company because the result is always wonderful.

M Kenely

Thanks so much.  I can't believe how fabulous my carpeting looks!  It's just like brand new.  After 106 party guests I was so worried.  Your treatment and cleaning after is a life-saver!

L Karofsky

My husband and I would like to thank you for the recent touch-up cleaning of our sofa.  "Accidents" will happen, as we found out.  You took care to make sure we were satisfied customers.  Your firm went above and beyond what was expected.  Please feel free to use this letter as a standing recommendation from our household.  We are very satisfied customers and we plan to use your services again whenever we invest in fine furniture.

D & J Patterson

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